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10,000 sqm tailor-made for Taconova

10,000 sqm tailor-made for Taconova

Garbe has signed an agreement with Taconova, a manufacturer of innovative hydraulic solutions for heating, plumbing, and solar energy application, to lease 9,240 sqm of industrial and 1,240 sqm of office space. Garbe will additionally build 9,500 sqm of logistics space speculatively.

The project is scheduled to begin in January 2023 and will be finalized in November 2023. Taconova plans to use the new building for warehouse and light production. Garbe will deliver the development in line with sustainable solutions. This includes an emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. The park will be equipped with heating pumps and solar panels to minimize its carbon footprint. On the large plot, almost 500,000 sqm, Garbe can deliver up to 80,000 sqm in the first phase and over 150,000 sqm of leasable space in the second phase.

I am happy that we are starting the New Year with a successfully signed future lease agreement with the growing company Taconova. Garbe Park České Budějovice is our largest project in the region, and we already have a building permit for the first two buildings. We also have the zoning permit for the next phase, so we can deliver six halls comprising 80,000 sqm. This speculative space, available from November 2023, is just the first step in bringing this unique location into life.
Martin Stratov, Business Development Director Garbe for Czech Republic and Slovakia

We decided to cooperate with Garbe as we liked their strategy, which is focused on high-quality, sustainable buildings. This is linked to energy savings and lower operating costs. This approach is unique on the Czech market, and we can enjoy economic as well as ecological benefits. We were looking for a space to grow our business near our current location. Garbe Park České Budějovice meets all our requirements.
Martin Marek, General Manager Taconova for the Czech Republic.

The transaction was concluded in cooperation with CBRE.

The Park is located near České Budějovice in Boršov nad Vltavou, which is 90 km from Linz and 150 km from Prague. In addition to excellent highway access, it offers a connection to the airport, located only 3 km from the park.

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