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135 year old letter news: 135-year-old letter found in bottle under floorboards in UK. This is what happened

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Fifty-year-old Peter Allan stumbled upon a Victorian time bottle while digging under the floor where it had been placed. He ran to alert the property’s owner in the Morningside area. According to Eilidh Stimpson, her two children were overjoyed to find the message inside the bottle, which she had to break to read.

According to BBC Scotland, Allan said that it was a complete coincidence that he had to cut through the floor above the bottle. Allan, the owner of WF Wightman Plumbing, claimed that it was hidden under what was formerly a maid’s room.

Doctor and a parent of two children, Eilidh Stimpson and her family have settled in Edinburgh. She was willing to wait for her children, ages eight and ten, to reach home from school before they attempted to decipher the message in the bottle.

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Preserved Message

The October 6, 1887 note said that James Ritchie and John Grieve laid the floor, but they did not drink the whiskey. Whoever finds this bottle may think our dust is blowing along the road, it concluded.

She said: “Unfortunately, I was compelled to break a bottle that was 135 years old to read the message, and I feel terrible about doing so. I have kept all the pieces in a separate Tupperware.”

A family friend looked up the 1881 census after Monday’s find and found the names of the guys living in Edinburgh’s Newington district, which is just a short distance away.

The family should keep the letter in an acid-free pocket, according to the recommendation made by a curator at the National Library.


  1. Who found the 135-year-old message?
    A plumber named Peter Allan found it.
  2. How many children did Eilidh Stimpson have?
    She had two kids.

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