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2 Jericho Appreciation Society members change their AEW names

When it comes to being a wrestling fan, of AEW, ROH, NJPW, or even WWE, name changes are just a part of the business.

Wrestlers change companies, alliances, and gimmicks all the time, whether due to a change in employer or an attempt to get over with the crowd. Specifically, wrestlers entering WWE often get new names when they arrive or when they enter the main roster, to, let’s just say, mixed results, and should said wrestler be released or leave the Federation, they obviously can no longer use the name they were given, making them either revert back to their indie names or find new ones entirely.

So, considering AEW’s Jericho Appreciation Society is a not-so-subtle satire on WWE’s style of “Sports Entertainment,” it’s only fitting that its members often undergo name changes themselves. It happened with 2point0 at the start of the faction, and now it has happened to their two new female members, although for different reasons.

That’s right, Anna Jay, the “Queen Slayer” who was picked up by a then-heel Dark Order immediately after her squashed debut, has turned heel once more with the Society, and her name has followed suit, becoming the “punny” Anna Jay AS While she has been referencing the name in promos, she’s now being billed under the new name.

Fits like a glove, doesn’t it?

As for the other new member, Jay (AS)’s tag team partner, Tay Conti, has undergone a name change of her own after marrying sports entertainer Sammy Guevara.

You see, Conti was actually her previous husband’s last name, so now Tay will be known in AEW as Taynara Guevara Tay Melo.

As if you haven’t guessed, Melo is Tay’s maiden name, and while it would have made more sense to be a Guevara, something tells me AEW won’t let you forget about her marriage anytime soon.

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