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5% of H1 2022 games jobs were entry level

New data has revealed that just 5% of games industry jobs advertised in 2022 have been entry level positions.

Jobs platform Hitmarker analyzed 19,458 paid jobs and internships advertised between January and June, and found that the lowest percentage asked for zero to one year experience.

Junior roles asking for one to two years experience made up 8.6% of the job listings analyzed.

Roles requiring more experience made up the bulk of the open positions – 44.5% of jobs were intermediate level asking for two to five years, and 41% were senior roles that required over five years of industry work.

In the UK, the breakdown of jobs offered is similar to the global figures. Of the 1,893 roles posted in the first half of 2022, 5.9% were entry level, 9.4% were junior, 46.4% were intermediate and 38.1% were senior.

The US, however, falls below that baseline. Of the 6,822 roles advertised, 3.4% were entry, 6.8% were junior, 39.7% were intermediate and the remaining 50% were senior.

While the number of entry level jobs offered has remained the same, the percentage of junior roles offered has decreased since last year. In the first half of 2021 the bracket made up 11% of all job postings.

The amount of senior listings has increased however – up from 37.4% in the first half of last year.

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