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8 Spells That Work & How To Cast Spells At Home

The practice of witchcraft can be incredibly helpful when you want to put good energy out into the world, and receive good energy in return.

And although witches tend to scare some people, the point of witchcraft is to control energy, learn about your environment, and achieve your goals. And practicing spells can help you do just that, by manifesting and envisioning what you want, and making it come true.

How do spells work?

The most essential part of a spell is your mindset and the intention you put behind it. Simply put, spells will work if you put positive energy and attitude into your spellwork.

There are some spells that are very effective and usually tend to work; however, a spell won’t work if you don’t actually believe that it will. Remember, mindset is everything!

Once you really visualize your spell working as you perform it, there are other aspects that will give you your desired outcome.

What makes spells most effective?

For example, there are some supplies you could use that add positive energy, like candles, herbs, oil, stones, and incense, among others. If you don’t have the supplies for the spell, you can always improvise; these supplies are helpful, but the most important ingredient is your intention and thoughts.

Another example is gemstones. If you don’t have a specific stone for a spell, you could use a rock outside your home; though, it might add an extra step to your spellwork because you first have to visualize that this rock is the stone and add energy to it.

If you are doing a spell to attract money, use an agate stone. If you don’t have an agate stone, use your rock and hold it in your hands (to add your energy into it), visualizing it bringing you wealth and abundance.


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