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Active Super debuts member investment data visualization

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Active Super is looking to up the ante on member engagement with a new online data visualization tool providing greater transparency on how and where a member’s money is being invested.

The superannuation firm said the data visualization tool complements, but is separate to, the recent introduction of new government rules requiring superannuation funds to disclose their investment portfolio holdings to members. It’s also the next step in a digital-led strategy to improve active engagement with members and comes after the launch of Active Super’s new member online portal and native app last year.

Using the tool, members can see the identity, value and weighting of their investments across a range of asset classes and derivatives, including unlisted assets. Users can drill down from either an asset class or regional level to sector-specific industries and companies, as well as see how Active Super voted at the annual general meeting of companies in which it invests. Figures will be updated monthly, rather than every six months as required under legislation.

“In addition to providing detailed portfolio information and data that is now required under the new regulations, Active Super has gone one step further by offering members a proprietary online data visualization platform,” Active Super CEO, Phil Stockwell, said.

“We asked some of our members what investment data they wanted represented in a visually rich manner. Most responded by requesting to see the exposure of global investments and the ability to easily see the industries and companies the fund invests in.”


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