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Adelaide woman spotted by PolAir driving on wrong side of North-South Motorway

A woman has been found after traveling on the wrong side of the North-South Motorway for at least 10 kilometers.

The 75-year-old was pulled over about 12.30am on the right-hand side of the motorway at Dry Creek.

Senior Constable Peta Squire said that a member of the public informed police.

“They called police to let them know a white pulsar was traveling on the wrong side of the road,” Senior Constable Squire said.

“PolAir was in the area and were quickly overhead to track the car on Regency Road and Grange Road to stop the vehicle.

“She was a little confused why she was pulled over and officers explained she had driven more than 10km on the wrong side of the road.”

The Athol Park woman was issued a fine for driving on the wrong side of the road.

Her license will be reviewed.

Knife-wielding skateboarder spotted hours later

In a separate incident, a camera near the Regency Road exit spotted a skateboarder on the same motorway.

SA Police said the footage showed the rider was carrying a knife.

Patrols then located the 18-year-old man and arrested him nearby.

The North-South Motorway is a major road connecting Gawler to Old Noarlunga. (Supplied: Wikipedia )

The Brompton man was charged with carrying a knife in a public place and was fined for riding a skateboard on the North-South Motorway.

He will appear in court in September.

The North-South Motorway will soon have major upgrades.

Construction will start on the northern section of the road in 2026, with the southern section beginning in 2023.

The 78-kilometer North-South Corridor will create a direct route from Gawler to Old Noarlunga.


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