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Alvvays share singles ‘Very Online Guy’ and ‘Belinda Says’

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Alvvays – ‘Very Online Guy’ and ‘Belinda Says’

In two weeks, Canadian indie pop heroes Alvvays will officially return with their third studio album, Blue Rev. It’ll be the band’s first since 2017’s Antisocials, and it can’t come a moment too soon. A half-decade might as well be an eternity in the world of music, and in the time they were gone, just about every indie act has picked up on the unique blend of synthpop, indie rock, and electronic buzz that Alvvays helped pioneer at the beginning of the 2010s.

But Alvvays aren’t in legacy mode yet. We’ve already gotten two previews of Blue Rev with ‘Pharmacist’ and ‘Easy on Your Own’. The former was a more experimental blast of lo-fi sprawl and alt-rock energy, while the latter showed that lead singer Molly Rankin still knows her way around a killer melody. Both songs worked in tandem to prove that not only were Alvvays back, but they could very well be better than ever.

Today, that notion is confirmed with the release of what should be the two final preview tracks before Blue Rev‘s release. The first is ‘Very Online Guy’, a tongue-in-cheek kickback at the people who live on the internet and thrive on making sure every last picture or post is perfect. Grounded by stabs of keyboards from unsung band hero Kerri MacLellan, ‘Very Online Guy’ pulls off being incredibly biting and undeniably catchy.

The second is ‘Belinda Says’, a beautifully subdued track awash in fuzzy guitars and explosive drums. So far, the singles from Blue Rev has less jangle pop than any of the band’s previous releases. Instead, guitarist Alec O’Hanley seems more interested in creating textures, whether they be light soundscapes or thunderous bombs of feedback. Even his solo is more of a ripping classic rock guitar line than the nimble arpeggios he is usually known for.

“Two new lambs for the cultural volcano! One more sweet slurp of alcopop dedicated to the girls wiping tables called ‘Belinda Says’ and the dial-up electronic dream ‘Very Online Guy’,” the band shares in a statement. “We painted and shot the ‘Belinda Says’ video in our living room. We directed a mosaic-mode vid for ‘VOG’. with our video guru friend Colby. This was easily the funnest thing we’ve ever shot. Enjoy our clunky low-bit collage of aliased key clacking and step-dance scramble on your CRTs.”

Check out the videos for ‘Very Online Guy’ and ‘Belinda Says’ down below. Blue Rev is set for an October 7th release.

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