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Arts & Crafts Entries Needed At Clark County Fair


The Progress

Last year’s photography entries at the Clark County Fair juried exhibits are on display along with their winning ribbons.

Do you like to take photographs? Do you have an amazing recipe? Are you great at quilting? Do you have a love for drawing? Are you talented at woodwork? With the Clark County Fair being less than three months away, it’s time to start thinking about juried exhibit entries at the fair.

“The theme of this year’s Exhibit Hall is ‘Country Life'”, said Robin Maughan, Juried Exhibit Director. “It’s amazing to me what each of our nine department chairmen come up with when decorating their areas of the building. Come, check it out.”

There are several juried exhibits one can enter. They include Photography, Creative Arts, Fine Arts, Home Arts, Home Science, Industrial Arts, Science, and Horticulture.

“I’ve seen unusual entries like Lego displays, recyclable art such as crocheted rugs made from plastic bags, and various collections such as stamps, typewriters, and cameras,” Maughan said. “We love to display people’s collections! But please notify us ahead of time so we can prepare a substantial space for them. It’s amazing to see the talents of the people and their different interests.”

Maughan encourages everyone to participate. She said that there is a place for everyone’s work. “I used to think I wasn’t good enough to submit anything,” Maughan said. “But I’ve learned that we are all in this together and it’s really fun to have something exhibited at the fair. It gives a sense of belonging and participation. It’s fun to turn something in and come back and see it on display. So I hope no one feels intimidated.”

New to the exhibits this year, entry applications will be available online at

Entries will be accepted at the Fair’s Fine Arts Building on Saturday, April 8, 10am-6pm or Monday, April 10, 10am-6pm. For those in Las Vegas, there will be a pickup location at the Alexander Library, 1755 W Alexander Rd, North Las Vegas, on April 7 from 1:30-5:30 pm.

“If filling out the application online is too intimidating, you can wait to do that when turning in your entry,” said Maughan.

Judging will take place on Tuesday, April 11. All items being judged are anonymous. The maker’s name is added to the item only after the judging has taken place.

There are several age categories: Child up to age 7, Youth 8-12, Teen 13-18, and Adult 18 years and older. The skill levels are Professional, Amateur, and Handicapped.
“Some of the best cooking entries come from our young people!” exclaimed Maughan.

The Country Bake Shop, which sells a variety of treats like caramel popcorn, brownies, caramel apples, homemade bread, and cookies, will be back. It is operated as a consignment store. If interested in participating, contact Rhonda Pulsipher.

The Country store, which sells items such as home goods, jewelry, crafts, and Clark County Fair tee shirts is also consignment. Contact Heather Chappell, if you would like to enter items for profit.

Both stores have a small entry fee and contributors pay a percentage, but you don’t need to work in the store. All you do is drop off your items and spend the rest of the time enjoying the fair!

Finally, help is always welcome. “We need volunteers to work in the Exhibit Hall,” expressed Maughan. “Especially on set-up and turn-in days.”

For more information about the juried exhibits, stores or just to volunteer, contact Robin Maughan at 702-278-0704.

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