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Best Music Themed Online Entertainment Sites To Play With In Canada

While playing games online is always fun, there is no denying that a bit of music makes it even better. Whether you’re fully immersed in your favorite RPG or FPS game or maybe just chilling playing some online slots, music can make things more enjoyable.

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to music, but when playing games, a lot of people like to play something a bit more upbeat when it comes to the music in the background! Whether you are into hip-hop, country, or hard rock, playing your favorite upbeat song can help you maintain a positive attitude and really help you enjoy things more.

Sometimes you just have to put your own music on. However, gaming soundtracks are getting better than ever and can even be a great way to remember some songs you may have forgotten about.

Music Themed Online Slots

There are a number of music theme games out there, online slots have taken advantage of this trend. Online slots can be enjoyed from most anywhere you have a decent internet connection and now, they can even feature some of your favorite bands.

Guns N’ Roses – Yes, you are reading that right, Guns N’ Roses have their own online themed slot game you can play. This is one of the biggest music-themed slots and is there any wonder as to why it is? Nope, and just like their career, it has some amazing high payouts.

Jimi Hendrix – Another amazing musician forever immortalized in the form of an online slot! While it may sound funny, it’s a great game. What’s even better is you can let the game decide what song to play or you can pick the song yourself from one of his many hits from the 60s!

Elvis Lives – You didn’t think they’d leave out The King, did you? Of course not! This game is a bit different than the others as it offers more reels and paylines but once you get used to it, you can enjoy some of Elvis’ best songs while you spin!

Michael Jackson King Of Pop – This slot is your typical video slot with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines and will play some of Michael’s greatest hits such as Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Dirty Diana, and more!

If you are unsure about which game you may like the best, there is no need to worry. Most online slots these days also have a free/demo version which sometimes may require you to sign up to the site, but they never take any money. This is a great way to be able to try a few different ones out and see what type of game or even music you are in the mood for at the time.

Having custom slots based on your favorite musician is cool and all, but what about those who want something a bit different? Well, worry not as there are also a number of slots that just play general music genres. You can find everything from Disco, to Rock and even DJ-based slots. All of which will play a great variety of music while you are enjoying them.

There are more music theme slots out there, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise of you seeing if your favorite band or musician has their own! If you are looking for more, it is worth checking out these online slots sites to find out all the popular music themed slot games..

House of Spades

This site has a load of music themed online slots you can play. From Twisted Sister, Parrots of Rock, Feel the Music, and more, there is no shortage of music-based games here. Not only is this site available in Canada, but it is also available in quite a few different countries and you can even change the language of the site to suit your needs.

This site is an old-school rock lover’s dream. While we have mentioned a few of the band’s slots it has, you can also find more like ZZ Top and Alice Cooper alongside some generic rock-based slot games. If you are looking for a bit of nostalgia while you play, this is definitely the site for you.

Staying Safe Online

It is now more important than ever to stay vigilant and safe online! Never tell your passwords to anyone and change them on a regular basis. If you are not sure if a site is legit, always look into it properly before inputting any details into the site, especially payment details. All legit entertainment sites will have a link to their licensing somewhere on the site so make sure to look for that as well. If in doubt, make sure to check out the Canadian Gaming Association website for more details. Here you will be able to look into laws, licensing, and even stay up to date with current scams that are going around. There is plenty of information, articles and even links to help make sure that you are staying safe!

Why Play On a Music-Themed Site

Well, the answer is pretty simple, for FUN! And what is more fun than combining some online gaming with some good music? Combining two of your favorite hobbies is a great way to pass time so kick back, put some tunes on (or let the games do it for you) and enjoy!

Wrapping things up and we hope you have found this information useful. There are definitely a load of amazing games and in trying some of the demos, we were taking back to many years ago listening to some of our favorite music! As we have said, combining music and slots can be an enjoyable way to pass some time.

Can you tell what type of music we are into? I’m going to guess that by now, you have some sort of clue. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite genre of music is and if you have a favorite place to play.



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