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Bizarre wedding featuring a ‘chicken officiant’ ruffles feathers online in heated debate

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A bizarre wedding has become the center of a social media debate after photos surfaced of their officiant, who was dressed in a giant yellow chicken suit.

In a post shared to Facebook, the strange nuptials are seen taking place in an empty field next to the sea.

“Quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” the caption of the post read.

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“The chicken is the officiant, the groom is in a casual button up and khakis, the father of the bride wearing a Woodstock tee, shorts, tie dye high tops and sunglasses — as if it’s a casual Sunday stroll.”

In one image, the groom is standing very close to the ‘chicken officiant’, with his body almost completely pressed up against the costume.

Another showed the couple standing far apart so that the chicken could be seen in between them, while a bridesmaid boasts a matching yellow dress.

In a post shared to Facebook, the strange nuptials are seen taking place in an empty field next to the sea. Credit: Facebook

The post was flooded with comments, with some slamming the bride for the ‘silly’ ceremony.

“I hate everything I’m seeing here. Imagine your grandkids opening the wedding album in 60 years and seeing this,” one wrote.

“The look on the chicken’s face was pretty much my reaction when I saw these photos,” another said.

“It’s just a mockery. You couldn’t help but look at this spectacle and think their relationship is anything but a joke,” added another.

Others pointed out that they thought the bride looked ‘nice’ but was let down by her family and bridal party.

The bizarre wedding became the center of a social media debate. Credit: Facebook

“The bride looks so cute! What the hell is going on with everyone else?!” one asked.

“She looks beautiful. I think this would have been fine and fun for the reception, but the fact she put so much effort in makes me sad,” another added.

“Damn the bride looks beautiful too, sad her partner isn’t matching her energy,” added a third.

Most people couldn’t get over the chicken suit, and took particular concern with the groom’s solo photo with the officiant.

“What was he doing to the chicken?” they asked.

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