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Boy gets trapped inside elevator in Greater Noida society, rescued after several minutes

In the second such incident in Delhi-NCR in a week, a child got stuck inside an elevator for several minutes in a Greater Noida society on Friday evening. While Bisrakh police are looking into the matter, no complaint or FIR has been registered in this regard yet. The incident allegedly occurred at Nirala Aspire society.

CCTV footage of the event purportedly shows the boy in question attempting to force open the doors of the elevator, but to no avail. He also appears to be hitting his walls and calling out in a bid to draw attention to his plight.

According to an email sent to society residents by those responsible for maintenance at the society, the child got stuck at 5.44 pm and was rescued seven minutes later. The mail further reads, “……. the kid by mistake hit the door with his bicycle twice due to which the elevator got stuck at the fifth floor.” They also requested residents to ask their children to maintain a distance from the lift doors and not to move their cycles.

The mail said the NOC on lift safety was already renewed, and a complaint was sent to the lift company for an inspection to be carried out as a precautionary measure.

Recently, two members of the Ghaziabad Apartment Owners’ Association were booked by the police after three children got stuck in an elevator for about 25 minutes.


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