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Breaking Bad! When Bryan Cranston became a physicist in a science lab

It’s a science lab in a school or college somewhere in the country. One the wall, inspiring tomorrow’s men and women of science, are a galaxy of past greats. As the camera pans, you can spot: Nikola Tesla of alternating current electricity supply system fame, Max Planck of quantum theory fame, Albert Einstein of theory of relativity fame, Niels Bohr of atomic structure model fame and Bryan Lee Cranston of…

Bryan Cranston??!! Yes, Bryan Cranston of ‘Breaking Bad’ fame. The actor who plays the underpaid chemistry teacher Walter White, who transforms into the ruthless drug kingpin Heisenberg in the superhit TV series. The caption below the photo, seen in the video shows this is no tribute to either Cranston or his hit series. The actor is mistaken for Werner Heisenberg of the uncertainty principle fame.

Some Twitter posts suggested that this science lab was somewhere in Punjab, but there was no confirmation on this. “These images seem to have been distributed to many schools in India. There was one from AP earlier and this one is apparently from Punjab,” said this user.

Twitterati joined in the fun. “Uncertainty continues……….,” one commented. “That’s not even “Heisenberg” without the hat! That’s just Walter White!” commented another.

Some users pointed out where the problem originated.

So, what’s next? Actor Madhavan in place of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan? Given the resemblance, that’s a distinct possibility.

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