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Cafés Infuse Coffee extracts with creative thinking to sustain the environment

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DHAHRAN — Restaurants and cafés in the Eastern Province were adorned with Alsharqiya Gets Creative slogans and phrases, spreading the spirit of creativity.

The special inscriptions and decorations on the cups sent out creative messages and attracted inspired visitors who took note of the passion for discovery and sophistication in innovation. Some participants preferred painting on cups, while others decorated plates, as well as storefronts that expressed the initiative’s goal, message, and future aspirations.

The Taste of Innovation became a turning point for people seeking educated advice on domestic and commercial coffee machines to find the best machine suited to their needs. Other cafés did not deviate from this approach. Some workshops aimed at creating slogans for the initiative on coffee, while other cafés such as La Paneer faced a more innovative approach. La Paneer transformed coffee extracts into cosmetic products as natural exfoliants and as fertilizers by preserving them inside fridges to utilize them in other products. These unusual experiments impressed many café and restaurant customers, as the initiatives derived from their intellectual values ​​to a creative final output.

It was especially noted that the artistic paintings on cups received appreciation from the visitors. The interiors of Sharq, Rust, and Mo cafés displayed paintings by artists looking to revive intellectual and cultural ambiguity to stimulate human perception. This is where the idea of ​​renovating Bastat Karak café came from; to participate in the dynamic change aspect of the initiative in partnership with Awan Real Estate Group, which implemented a creative dialogue session centered on the reality of design to implementation.

At the same time, it is looking forward to support the students participating in the Let’s Plant Trees activity. The aim of the activity is to instill a sense of social responsibility as part of the Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative, which seeks to implement concrete creative ideas and materials that contribute to enhancing the sense of creativity and innovation, as well as supporting the youth, and building bridges of communication with creative talents, innovative ideas, and community organizations, which in turn provide spaces for innovators to contribute to decision-making and express their requirements through creativity, as it is a tool for sustainable development.

Cafés and restaurants linked the contributors of creativity with the development of talented people in the Eastern Province to promote creativity across several fields such as sports, culture, education, and tourism. This is what Motif Café achieved, by presenting lectures about the topic inside the café and in other places, with the aim of supporting and attracting talents.


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