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Chillicothe student council donates money to Ross County Humane Society

CHILLICOTHE― Chillicothe Intermediate School’s student council raised and donated $2,000 to local animal welfare organizations this month.

The council, which includes grades third through sixth, was started last year by advisor and fifth-grade teacher Mark Virgin. He said the group aims to improve the school and the community.

The group donated the money to Cats & Company and the Ross County Humane Society, which is raising money through its capital campaign to go towards a new building.

More on the Ross County Humane Society: Humane Society making steps towards $1.5 million goal

“We thought ‘How can we give back to the community?’ and a lot of the kids came up with ideas and they voted on it and they chose the Humane Society,” Virgin said. “The goal of the student council ultimately is to be able to help give back to the community, give back to the school, give back to the students.”

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