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Churchill Lofts nearly ready for residents in downtown Burlington

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When members of the Y & J Properties LLC ownership group first visited Burlington’s Churchill building at 100 N. Fourth St. in 2017, it had seen better days.

Light fixtures sagged from the ceiling, paint chipped off the walls, and a leaky roof had caused so much water damage to the more than 100-year-old hardwood flooring that one could see clearly to the basement from the fourth floor.

“The floors were completely slanted downward. It was dangerous,” Neil Girish Desai, one of the Y & J ownership members, said Wednesday while walking on the shiny, two-toned flooring in a northwest corner, two-bedroom apartment whose windows overlook other historic downtown buildings. “Now it’s a home.”

Work has been completed on the second, third and fourth floors of the building to create 48 apartment units arranged in 16 layouts per floor, and tenants will begin moving in Jan. 1.

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