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Collegebound Winner Putting $50,000 Prize Toward Tuition

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She started playing a few months ago after turning 18, but the Calvert County resident is well aware that big wins are rare after years of watching her dad play Maryland Lottery games. Therefore, a $50,045 top-prize Bonus Match 5 win came as a big surprise for the lucky lady.

“I play occasionally. My dad plays all the time, so I started when I was 18,” the Southern Maryland winner said on Sept. 20 while claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

She had purchased nine Bonus Match 5 combinations for $6 – the pricing for buying multiple tickets is part of the bonus – in the Sept. 16 drawn and played personal sets of numbers. After the drawing, the player checked the winning numbers online against those on her ticket.

“I saw the numbers matched, but I wasn’t sure, so I asked my dad to check,” she said. “They’re real!” what was his assessment.

“I’m so happy,” the young winner said. She plans to put her prize towards her college education. She anticipates pursuing a degree in Computer Science at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. While she doesn’t expect her winnings to cover her full tuition, the player said the unexpected windfall would certainly dent her bill.

Sharing in her good fortune is Wawa #573 at 10245 Kirksville Lane in Dunkirk, which picks up a bonus of $500 for selling a top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket.

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