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Cool new brewpub adds craft beer spot to Dallas’ Cedars District

Dallas’ Cedars District gets another cool thing with the opening of Autonomous Society Brewpuba new craft beer spot opening on August 13 in a charming little brick building that was previously residential at 1928 S. Akard St.

Autonomous, which is a long name for a brewpub, is the brainchild of Dean Weaver, a home brewer for more than 30 years who has earned accolades and awards for his brand, called Deanitude, which makes mostly European-inspired beers such as pilsners, saisons, IPAs, and porters.

The brewpub is an outgrowth of that venture and will create a place where beer fans can enjoy his beers as well as those from other craft brewers, along with some bites.

Weaver, who is one of only 30 ciccerones in Dallas, previously worked in the film industry and says he was ready for something new.

“The Cedars area of ​​Dallas is booming and we feel the brewpub will be a great addition to the area,” he says in a statement. “The neighborhood seems really excited. I want this to be a staple for the locals to call home, as well as being a destination spot for those who live in the surrounding area.”

Beer: The pub will open with 24 selected local craft beers from top breweries around town. In the coming months, Weaver will rotate in his Deanitude creations.

Food: Paninis and pretzel bites will be offered as soon as the kitchen is up and running, probably in the next month.

Atmosphere: The space features a 10-seat bar, a window bar and tables, an outdoor patio, board games, dominoes and multiple televisions showing sporting events.

A large private parking lot is conveniently located behind the building.

The location is walking distance to Lee Harvey’s, one of the Cedars District pioneers, along with Full City Rooster and Baby Back Shaq; as well as Lee Harvey’s Dive In, the buzzy recently opened pool bar from Lee Harvey’s owner Seth Smith.


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