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COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations rise across states

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COVID-19 cases have jumped again across multiple states in the past seven days as Australia faces its fourth wave of the virus.

Collectively the nation has reported tens of thousands of new cases today across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

New South Wales had 31,532 new infections in the past seven days until 4pm on Thursday.

This was compared with 27,869 cases the previous week.

The state recorded 25 deaths this week compared to 39 the week before.

Hospitalizations due to the virus have also risen over the past week, from 1148 to 1320.

ICU admissions have decreased over the past week from 37 to 32.

Meanwhile, in Victoriathe state recorded 22,281 new infections, up from 20,398 in the previous reporting period.

The state reported 68 deaths which is an increase of 22.

The rolling seven-day average of hospitalizations in Victoria has increased from 352 to 430.

ICU admissions have also increased by seven.

In Queensland, the state recorded 10,082 cases – a slight dip on last week’s 10,106.

There are currently 312 Queenslanders being treated with the virus across the state’s hospital systems.

In Western Australia, 10,520 cases were recorded today, an increase of roughly 1,500 cases from the week prior.

There are just under 200 people being treated in Western Australia hospitals for COVID-19.

The subvariants and mutations of COVID-19

Meanwhile, South Australia recorded 9000 cases in a 24-hour period, with about 6601 active cases in the community.

There were eight deaths, 140 people in hospital and 11 people in ICU.

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