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Eddy’s Good News: Team of three win the British Horse Society lifetime achievement award!

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23 Sep 2022, 13:03

Every day during his show on Virgin Radio, Eddy Temple-Morris brings you Good News stories from around the world, to help inject a bit of positivity into your day!Be sure to listen each day between 10am and 1pm (Monday – Friday) to hear Eddy’s Good News stories (amongst the finest music of course), but if you miss any of them you can catch up on the transcripts of Eddy’s most recent stories below :

Friday 23rd September 2022

Inspiring news from here in the UK and thank you to Stephen Sands for sending me this via Twitter as we meet a partially sighted octogenarian lady and her disabled dog who make a seven week long, 600 mile trip to the Scottish highlands every year, on horseback !

Say hello to Jane Dotchin, to her horse, Diamond and to her dog, Dinky, a Jack Russell that can’t use his front legs and goes in a saddle bag on Diamond’s shoulders.

They set off from Hexham, taking everything they need for an epic trip to Forth Augustus, tent and food and an old skool mobile phone whose battery lasts for weeks. She keeps it switched off and just uses it to call friends she drops in on along the way, nurturing friendships that have blossomed since her first horsey road trip 50 years ago.

Jane is partially sighted, but she doesn’t let that stop her, she doesn’t have a map either, just following roads she knows and making diversions depending on the weather.

Last year she received The British Horse Society lifetime achievement award for her independent spirit and decades of long distance trekking.


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