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Faubourg Brewing merger aims for ‘cultural hub’ of craft beer

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Gayle Benson-owned Faubourg Brewing Company has merged with Made By The Water LLC, a company of craft breweries in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Made By the Water will brew and serve their beers at the Faubourg Tap Room in New Orleans East, a news release said. Faubourg will continue to brew its full line of products.

Made By the Water’s breweries include Oyster City in Apalachicola, Florida; Catawba in Ashville, North Carolina; and Palmetto in Charleston, South Carolina. The company also has a distribution of products in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

Its headquarters will be located at the Faubourg Brewery facility, adding new brewing and manufacturing jobs as well as administrative positions in human resources, finance, sales, brand management and marketing, the release said. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The plan is to become one of the largest craft beer producers in the United States, and the largest in the Southeast, producing over 100,000 barrels per year at the Faubourg brewery, the release said.

The merger will increase and strengthen Faubourg’s distribution network and allow Made By The Water to produce beers for national distribution, it said.

“This merger is about making New Orleans the cultural hub of the craft beer industry in the Southeast,” Benson said in a statement. “Our partnership with Made By The Water allows us to grow the Faubourg brand, and bring in a partner that is a leader in building craft beer brands. I pride myself on making New Orleans first, and I think we can bring all of the best in craft beer from these historically strong craft beer areas in the Southeast and make New Orleans the primary focus of the industry. Our goal is to help New Orleans become as well known for its beer as it is for its cuisine and to see the local craft beer industry continue to grow and create quality jobs.”

Benson and her late husband, Tom, bought the former brewery known as Dixie Brewery in 2017. It had been operating on Tulane Avenue until Hurricane Katrina. After the 2005 hurricane, it used out-of-state breweries to continue operations.

Its new 200,000-square-foot, $30 million facility at 3501 Jourdan Road opened in January 2020. The company rebranded as Faubourg in late 2020.


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