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Finance department ready to assist with income-tax issues

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When we think of this time of year, it’s not uncommon to think of how busy we are.

For the city’s Finance Department, the holidays are busy for a different reason – working hard to close the books for the current year and preparing to implement an approved budget for next year.

Our Finance Department provides many services both within our organization and to the community. They have a proven track record of fiscal responsibility, receiving the Auditor of State’s Award for Distinction for excellence in financial reporting and accountability for the last 11 years.

Our team is responsible for managing revenues and expenses for the city to ensure we operate within our means each year, completing payroll, administering the annual budget and capital plan, completing required reports, creating a tax budget and assisting both residents and businesses with tax issues as they arise.

In addition, our Finance Department is focused on improving the ease with which you can see how your tax dollars are spent. The department prepared the city’s first Popular Annual Financial report (PAFR) in 2022, available at

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