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Freelance Writer / Journalist – Pedestrian Jobs

Truce Films is an award winning production company representing some of Australia’s most talented directors. Over our twelve years we’ve learned many lessons, and had many experiences that make us who we are today.

We are in a phase of growth and are looking to promote, and share our stories. This is in part driven by the development of a new website, but also a need to share some PR of those team members that matter to us most.

We are seeking a freelance writer/journalist to conduct a series of interviews with Truce team members and directors, to produce a library of content. The task will also involve editing drafts of some existing material as in part, you will be taking over from another writer who can no longer complete the job.

Final outputs will likely be:

  • 8 x Director Q&A’s (est. 1200 words each)
  • 8 x Director profile focused newsletters (est. 350-400 words each)
  • 8 x Director Bios (100 words each)
  • 1 x Feature Article on the Truce partners
  • 4 x Bios for each Truce Partner (est. 300 words each)
  • 1 x Company Bio (400-500 words)

We hope to find someone who writes with confidence, knows their voice, and can ride the line of injecting creativity without it becoming wanky.

We are very particular about our image, and so finding the right fit with a writer is always important. We’ll be able to direct you to other production companies whose status we hope to emulate. But it’s also important that we find our own voice.

For submissions, we’d love to see samples of your work, a statement about why you think you’re the right fit for us, and a quote to complete the work outlined above.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Truce team.

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