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From mental health to hobbies, these 16 reads can help you navigate pandemic life

Over the last two years, COVID has swept in and left almost no parts of our lives untouched.

Whether you want to know how to talk to kids about the pandemic, or the best shows to watch if you’ve caught COVID, here are some of the best reads we’ve published on navigating pandemic life.

Looking after your mental health

Spreading COVID, especially to someone with additional risk factors, can bring on intense feelings of guilt and shame.

Psychologist Dr. Ahona Guha offers some advice on dealing with these feelings as they arise.

Christian Harimanow loves his child, but during this pandemic, the reality of parenting is that the joy can become a struggle.

Gaining some extra weight during the pandemic has been a thing for many of us. In the depths of the first 2020 lockdown, Bella’s perspective on her body and weight gain suddenly changed.

When considering meeting up with friends or family, it is important to be clear about what you’re comfortable with.


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