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Gillingham plumber offers free boiler and installation worth £2,000 to tackle cost of living this winter

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A plumber is looking to help someone in need to tackle the cost of living issues by offering a free boiler and installation normally worth £2,000 to one deserving person.

Shawn Moore started his own plumbing company in 2003 after working in various jobs helping the community.

Shawn Moore. Picture: GasLecKent Ltd.

Based in Gillingham, the 46-year-old says he’s always wanted to help people.

They said: “We do something like this all the time but never on this scale.

“I just have something about me that wants to help people.

“You hear almost every year about people who are struggling, especially at this time, and so I just hope to reach as many people as possible with this give away.”

Shawn, whose business Gaslec Kent Ltd, has partnered with Alpha Heating, a boiler manufacturer in Wrotham which is offering the free boiler to help the campaign.

Shawn with two Alpha products.  Picture: GasLecKent Ltd.
Shawn with two Alpha products. Picture: GasLecKent Ltd.

Speaking about the company Shawn said: “We do a lot of Alpha boilers and I like their products a lot.

“I approached them after having my idea and said ‘this is what I was doing and is there any way you could help’. At first they offered me a boiler at staff rates which was perfect.

“Then I got a response saying that they would actually do it at half staff rates which was even better.

“But when I launched the campaign they came back to me and said they would offer it for free which was very generous of them.”

Shawn is hoping to find a Kent resident who has either significantly helped the community, is full-time caring for a loved one or someone who may be struggling to make ends meet during the recent cost of living crisis.

‘I wear my heart on my sleeve and so if it were up to me I’d want to help everyone…’

They said: “We just want to give something back and yes ultimately I may get some publicity out of it but first things first I want to help someone who truly needs it.

“We’ve all had hard times. I’m fortunate enough now to be self-employed and work for myself but others aren’t in as good a position.

“There are just too many people suffering in silence who may be embarrassed and have this issue when they shouldn’t.”

Nominations opened on September 8 and will close on October 2 at 8pm.

They can be made, with the person’s consent, using the online form on Gaslec Kent Ltd’s website.

GasLecKent van with Alpha products.  Picture GasLecKent Ltd.
GasLecKent van with Alpha products. Picture GasLecKent Ltd.

A shortlist of five people will then have a house inspection between October 3 and 7 to see what work would be needed if they win and what boiler would be best to install.

An Alpha Heating representative will then choose one lucky person to get a new boiler on October 10 and work to have it installed will start that week.

But Shawn isn’t looking to stop his philanthropy there for the year as he hopes to help more people before Christmas.

He said: “I wear my heart on my sleeve and so if it was up to me I’d want to help everyone so it would be impossible for me to choose.

“I got a form the other day which was just heartbreaking and so if this person doesn’t win I may find some kind of way to help them.

“I just want to help people however I can and I am a big believer in the universe returning favors so I know whatever I can give will come straight back.”


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