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Good reputation of Brainport companies: ‘You can’t succeed if your environment isn’t successful’

The RepTrak Firm publishes reputation rankings of corporations in more than sixty nations annually. 4 corporations from the Brainport area are within the top six within the Netherlands rating: Philips (1), ASML (2), Jumbo Supermarkets (5) and VDL (6). IO spoke to 3 of them to find out why corporations in this area are rated so extremely.

Outstanding within the discussions with Philips, ASML and VDL is that the businesses do not see themselves as separate entities, however as a part of the area. This isn’t shocking, given the huge supply chains that corporations assemble around them.

Brainport as a hub for supply chains

Status primary for the fifteenth consecutive year, Philips was at the beginning of an enormous provider system during which Brainport performed a pivotal function. Monique Mols, head of media relations at ASML, says: “When ASML was based as a three way partnership between ASMI and Philips, we did not have the capital to do all of it; Philips helped us with this.” Immediately ASML produces almost no components. There are dozens of suppliers for this. Mols underscores the significance of desiring to be part of one thing larger than yourself. “You possibly can’t achieve success if it isn’t your surroundings.”

Clear communication even in troublesome instances

ASML Head of Media Relations Monique Mols

For Philips, 2021 was as thrilling because it was difficult, with a worldwide recall of sleep apnea gear alongside sturdy efficiency within the first half of the year. As Nanda Huizing explains, it is an enormous disappointment as individuals, hospitals and healthcare professionals believe in the model, which is exactly what issues to Philips. He’s head of brand name, communications and digital at Philips. “Clear communication is important to sustaining that belief. All the time, however particularly in troublesome instances.”

Doing environmentally pleasant work

Nanda Huizing, head of brand name, communications and digital at Philips

Philips, VDL and ASML have formidable plans for the long run. Nevertheless, development is barely possible if the surroundings can develop with them. Due to this fact, it is extremely vital to do environmentally pleasant work.

These surroundings contain extra than simply suppliers. First, the three corporations collectively want 1000’s of recent staff annually. All these individuals want a spot to dwell, drive to work in the morning, and have their kids go to high school. These conditions are vital for all three corporations: they’re desperate to be good neighbors.

Miel Timmers, head of communications and public relations at VDL, goes on to clarify that the intrinsic motivation to do good to the surroundings, the individuals within the area and the enterprise surroundings additionally stems from the truth that VDL is a household enterprise. “You wish to switch the corporate to the following era in a sustainable approach to ensure continuity. Doing the correct factor for our surroundings is one thing that resonates with our enterprise operations.”

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