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Gouldsboro employee abruptly resigns from infrastructure post

GOULDSBORO — Jim McLean, who previously served as a selectman and most recently worked as the town’s infrastructure superintendent, submitted his letter of resignation at the Select Board’s meeting last Thursday. Board members unanimously voted 4-0 to accept the sudden resignation and agreed to keep the multifaceted position intact and find a successor.

Earlier in the meeting, McLean reported to the Select Board and public in attendance that ditching had been completed and four culverts remained to be done in the last 2.6-mile stretch of the Paul Bunyan Road in Corea. Once the culvert work is done, the road section will be ready for repaving.

The Select Board opened several bids for the paving contract, but tasked McLean with finding out more about the previous work in town done by the lowest bidder, Northeast Paving, before taking any action. McLean explained that Bangor-based Northeast Paving was previously Lane Construction Corp. The operation remains among eastern Maine’s top paving contractors and continues to run the hot-mix asphalt plant on the Washington Junction Road in Hancock. Northeast Paving Co.’s Assistant Area Manager Matt Carey confirmed that information to The American.

Towards the end of last Thursday’s meeting, McLean informed the Select Board that he was stepping down and that his resignation would take effect immediately. The infrastructure superintendent did not give any notice in the submitted letter of resignation. He told the board that he did not feel his knowledge was valued, nor did his opinions carry weight. “No respect or appreciation for all I do,” he said, saying he could “not maintain my personal level of dignity in the present environment.”

Originally from Monmouth, McLean has lived in Gouldsboro for more than two decades. He served as a selectman from 2001 to 2016. In 2018, he went to work as the newly established town infrastructure superintendent, which combines code enforcement, plumbing inspections and other services, to consolidate rather than having to contract multiple parties. Besides being the CEO and plumbing inspector, the superintendent also oversees town roads’ maintenance paving. The job entails the upkeep of Gouldsboro’s municipal buildings including the town office, Prospect Harbor Women’s Club Building, Gouldsboro Community Center on the Pond Road, Route 1 salt/sand storage facility, Jones Pond cabin and the transfer station on Walters Road. Overseen, too, are the dam and two bridges on the Guzzle Road. McLean also has set up for and livestreamed Select Board and Planning Board public proceedings.

McLean says he has enjoyed the great variety of the work and challenges in the infrastructure superintendent’s job. No two days are alike.

“I enjoyed the job. The job is awesome,” he said Monday. “There are so many different aspects. You might think you are going to be doing one thing, but it winds up being something different.”

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