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Governor clarifies tuition fees Loop PNG

Governor clarifies tuition fees  Loop PNG

“Ol bai baim displa skul fi go lo account blo ol displa skuls,” they got (They will deposit the fees in the respective schools’ accounts.)

“Nesenol Gavman em committed lo mekim, na ol stat peim K300 million go pinis. (The National Government has made the commitment, and has already started by paying K300 million.)

Ol board of management tasol mas sekim account blo ol lo make sure displa mani kam insight o nogat. (Schools’ board of management need to check their accounts to confirm whether the money is there.)

“And that is also inclusive of private schools. They too come under this K961 million.

So wok blo ol private schools, outside lo gavman skul, liaise with the Department of Education lo bringim ol kam insight lo benefit lo displa skul fi.

For Morobe students in tertiary institutions, Governor Wenge said they have allocated K20 million.

Displa K20 million bai nonap go lo ol pikinini blo Morobe tasol. A knife. Em bai go lo olgeta pikinini blo Papua New Guineans who live in Morobe. Em scholarship bai kavarim ol. (This K20 million is not only for Morobeans. It will also cover the children of other Papua New Guineans who live in Morobe.)

“As long as you can prove that your child attended primary, high and secondary schools in Morobe then you will benefit from that K20 million.”

Governor Wenge clarified that the scholarship will cover non-Morobeans as well, especially those who have met the requirements, as outsiders who live and work in Lae also pay taxes to the government.

He stressed that the government will cover the tuition fees of all students in Morobe, from elementary up to tertiary.

As long as tertiary students are awarded the Gerson-Solulu Scholarship, all fees will be met.


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