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Health care provides most Q2 jobs in Robeson County

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LUMBERTON—Robeson County jobs in healthcare took the top position among all job sectors according to a North Carolina Department of Commerce report showing 2022 second quarter data.

The data from April, May and June was released this week showing how the county’s workforce of roughly 48,445 people is divided by industry sector.

Traditionally, the top five job sectors have been Manufacturing, Health Care, Education, Retail Trade and Tourism (Accommodation and Food Services).

While the data changes each quarter, the top ranking job sectors in Robeson County show little change month to month.

Among Robeson County’s closest neighbors, top job sectors vary somewhat. In Bladen County, the Manufacturing sector topped the list of employers. Manufacturing also topped the list in Scotland and Hoke counties. Cumberland County’s top employers fell into the Health Care and Social Assistance sector.

As expected, the labor force in Cumberland County (128,303) tilts the scales somewhat — except in Manufacturing Sector jobs, where Robeson County tops the list with its 6,951 jobs, edging its northern neighbor’s 6,210 jobs. Bladen County holds a close third when it comes to Manufacturing Sector jobs (6,167).

Also of note is Commerce Department data showing that Robeson County’s labor force has remained relatively stable for the first six months of the year, growing very slightly from 48,371 in January to 48,561 in June.

Additionally, comparing September labor force data — the most recent complete data available — even during the past five years, shows that the labor force has remained relatively stable.

In 2017, September’s labor force was 49,516. During the ensuing years both the labor force and unemployment rates changed little, averaging 48,331 and 6% respectively.

During the start of the pandemic in 2020, the labor force dropped to 47,891 with an unemployment rate climbing to 8.4 percent.

October’s county level unemployment and labor force numbers are expected to be released in the first part of December.

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