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Help finishing studies – University of Bedfordshire

Dear people,

My name is Alex, I’m 23, and I have been on this journey for two years now. Finding myself in this position of not being able to make it on my own I’m here now asking for your help.

I’m currently starting my third year of an Accounting & Finance degree at the University of Bedfordshire. My path has been an incredible one, and a lot of my interests in accounting have culminated in a beautiful degree. However, I am still two years away from the end of my journey here, and there is still a lot to cover and work through.

As I am fully committed to completing my degree by the end of October 2024, I am enjoying it. I aim to become one of the top performers in my field of Accounting & Finance. As such, my goal is to provide the highest quality service and information to future potential users of my services.

I am studying full-time, which accounts for around 20 hours per week of study, and I am using the remainder of my spare time for the two jobs I currently have. I work as a social media manager for a couple of small family-owned businesses around my town, Luton, and meanwhile, I am a driver’s mate for a local perfume/cosmetics delivery company, working night shifts and coming home in the morning to an unnecessary state of tiredness to prepare myself for classes. Nevertheless, of course, I am looking forward to a more static job from home in order to heal myself from the night shift’s mental disorientation that affects my day-to-day activities and studies.

Although I am classified as an EU student and entitled to a Government Loan to fulfill my tuition fees, I am not eligible for one. This is because my parents are above the maximum income threshold in my home country. Furthermore, me being under 25, my potential Government Loan giveaway is entirely dependent on their income. I have been primarily relying on my family’s support to cover my tuition fees, but after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my family business struggled and almost ended. Thus they weren’t able to support me anymore to this day.

I could not pay the due tuition fee balance by 31 October 2022 of £3,380.00, plus the last term of 2021 of £2,935.00; thus, I am just a couple of months short of being kicked out of the University. This year’s data is critical for completing my studies; let’s not talk about next year’s. I pay tuition fees totaling £9250.00 for each year of study, which equates to $18,500.00 for my last two years of study, which I am currently asking for.

Why would you support me?

In my view, obtaining my Accounting & Finance degree is the most critical step in my life so far. This will fulfill every single dream I have of making a positive impact on people’s lives and solving their financial & accounting issues.

Despite being a home student without any extended contact with the University physically, I have tried to help other overseas students enroll and potentially receive Government financial aid to fulfill their studies, helping and morally supporting them to settle in the United Kingdom and find their own path within it.

And if you can’t, don’t forget, a share goes a very long way.

I hope to continue supporting and encouraging future students to achieve their dreams.

Yours, faithfully

Alexandru Cojman

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