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High Five: Championing Craft and Storytelling

Hello darlings, I am here to introduce some of my favorite craft-led spots that are a celebration of what makes this industry amazing. I chose these pieces of work as they are shinning examples of good taste executed beautifully – pieces of work that champion craft and storytelling, work that makes you feel something…

The Guardian – ‘Three Little Pigs’

Agency: BBH London

Production: Rattling Stick

Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Mail: The Mill London

Sound: Woodwork Music

I love this work because it is magical realism at its finest. It brings this fairytale that everyone knows and loves to life and thrusts it into modern day with the backdrop of the housing crises. It is a smart way of launching a new online service.

P&G – ‘These Hands’

Agency: The Springhill Company

Production: Imperial Woodpecker

Director: Rohan Blair-Mangat

This one made me tear up a bit because of the raw visceral emotion that the father showed when he paused and thought about what his son was capable of was beautiful. It shines a light on how successful black people really are and that success is a human experience that is not delegated by race. I also like how seamlessly the son moved through every scene.

Sipsmith Gin – ‘Mr. swan’

Agency: Ogilvy London

Production: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Jeff Low

Mail: The Mill London

Editorial: WORK London
Sound: 750mph

I love this commercial because I am British, and we Brits love a good gin. It reminds me of the ‘Wallace and Gromit’ TV show. It’s as if you can feel the texture of the characters.

adidas – ‘Original Is Never Finished’

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Production: PRETTYBIRD

Director: Jonathan Desbians

Post: Whitehouse Post

Sound: Music Under

This commercial was beautifully shot, and the use of mixed media added to the experience. It feels otherworldly because it is dripping in mythology and it’s like you’re transported to another time. The editing and cinematography are top tier, and it highlights the brand well.

Nike – ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London

Production: Riff Raff Films

Director: Megaforce

Post: Time Based Arts

Clearly my British side is showing with this choice. I love that it is a London love story, and the magical realism makes me miss home a bit. It is beautifully shot with seamless transitions. I just love the cinematography of it all.


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