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How are commercial real estate’s leaders gaining an edge?

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In the fast-moving commercial real estate industry, the adage that the only constant is change rings true

Commercial real estate is currently experiencing a major shift to new ways of doing things, a trend accelerated by events such as Covid-19. Remote working, user experience and digital security are just some of the terms real estate professionals must now consider daily; terms that only a few years ago would hardly have crossed their minds.

Environmental, social and governance factors, often referred to as ESG, are also growing in importance for commercial real estate professionals. This adds another level of complexity, scoring and potential regulation that property managers and landlords need to consider when looking at how to grow and scale their business.

With change, however, comes opportunity. Shifting tenant demands call for the industry to adapt or fade into obscurity. Re-Leased is embracing this change and leading the way forward.

Re-Leased is a modern, cloud-based property management software purpose-built for commercial portfolios. The system empowers commercial landlords and managing agents to connect their leases, tenants, accounts, properties, maintenance, insurance and more in one central hub.

With everything in one place, businesses reduce risk, track and speed up processes and are in full control of their properties today and in the future.

Re-Leased is making its mark in the sector through rapid customer growth. The Company won at the Xero Awards in 2020, and has made the finals four years in a row. This year they won at the G2 Awards as a Leader in commercial property management and were rated the “easiest to do business with”. Additionally, Re-Leased recently announced that JLL Spark, the venture capital arm of the global real estate leader JLL, led a USD$15m funding round, further solidifying Re-Leased’s position as an innovator and global leader in commercial property software.

At the time of the investment, Kitty Sullivan, Principal, JLL Spark, said: “Re-Leased’s cloud-native software is disrupting the status quo, revolutionizing the way its customers run their businesses. We are confident in the platform’s potential to push the envelope of digital transformation for the sector and look forward to supporting its global growth.”

The company is on a mission to shape the future of commercial real estate and drive better outcomes for people, property and the planet. Its technology has enabled users to futureproof their businesses and tackle some of the most complex issues the industry faces.

Sebastian Moss, Director of Moss Industrial Estate in Leigh, UK, highlights how Re-Leased’s software allowed his business to successfully navigate Covid-19 by ensuring the team could keep operating without interruption.

“One of the biggest benefits we’ve found with Re-Leased is that when you enter a global pandemic, you can carry on working from wherever you are in the world. It was absolutely no issue.

“Being up and running and responsive to tenants during this time was critical as it allowed the estate to work alongside those businesses and help them through this time,” Moss said.

Momentum Group, which delivers advisory, construction, property management and maintenance solutions to clients across the private and public sector, is also realizing the value of embracing new ways of operating.

“Technology is the key to progressing the commercial property industry to propel growth with agility and simplicity,” said Chris Bliss, Co-Founder and Director Momentum Group. “The previously repetitive and tedious processes of checking renewal dates and organizing follow-ups are handled by intelligent automation in Re-Leased.

“Automation allows us to focus on the things that do matter with the time we have saved, providing excellent service and growth.”

“Forward thinking is key in this industry, and technology and tools like Re-Leased enable us to plan for the future.”

Insight-driven decision making

Another way Re-Leased is driving progress in the industry is through its pioneering data and analytics product CREDIA.

Over the past two years, CREDIA has become a barometer for performance in the commercial real estate industry by providing highly valuable real-time data.

As Jason Barnsdale, Director of Barnsdale Group, notes, “Using information from CREDIA means we can provide vital market analysis and identify trends from the data we receive, not least around payment cycles. This has proved invaluable during the Covid-19 lockdown, which has affected a range of business activities.”

Go with change

While Re-Leased’s core focus is helping its customers embrace change, it also understands the importance of having a positive impact on the wider CRE industry. This is why it recently launched its highly acclaimed ChangeMakers in CRE podcast series. Each episode features Re-Leased CEO, Tom Wallace, speaking to industry leaders on how they are driving change and innovation in CRE.

Re-Leased is a company that champions change, helping customers not just run their business, but also build and grow it. If you would like to find out more about the company, visit

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