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How Happy Are You With Sault Transit – Take an Online Survey!

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Are you a user of Sault Transit? What do you think of the level of service? Here’s a chance for you to let the city know what you think. Nadine Taylor, a local resident has developed an online survey.

“I’m working on a petition for public transit riders to sign and give their opinion when it comes to the Saturday & Sunday evening “On Demand” service and regular SSM transit in general.” Taylor said in an email to ” It’s been a while since the people of SSM have had their say in the way the public transit system in this city is managed, and from some of the people I’ve been speaking with, there hasn’t been a lot of positive feedback. As a matter of fact, the opposite, quite frankly. ” Taylor received.

Taylor told that Sault Transit refuses to answer questions or take phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.

Taylor goes on to say that many people find the Transit’s On Demand service confusing and have stopped using the service altogether. “The people at the Sault Transit office, especially its acting manager, Nicole Maione, need to know that no one enjoys or finds On Demand Saturday AND Sunday evenings convenient. As a matter of fact, it’s been the exact opposite. I’ve spoken with quite a few people just this past couple of weeks that said they don’t even go out on Saturday and Sunday evenings anymore b/c they can’t stand using the On Demand service.” wants people to know that the survey is not being conducted by the city or Sault Transit. Taylor plans on using the findings with the survey to petition the City to improve or make changes to its current level of service.

“So, since the majority of the people, I’ve personally spoken with hate this system, and they’re the riders, and the SSM Transit office isn’t listening to email, or phone complaints, perhaps they’ll get the picture more clearly with an online poll and a hard copy signed and dated petition with a couple hundred signatures that I plan on submitting to our NEW MAYOR” Taylor said.

Do you agree?


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