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How to craft and find Stealth Rocks TM in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Every good Pokémon trainer wants to find the optimal moveset for their team and if you plan on using a Rock-type creature then there is one move you may want to consider.

This move, Stealth Rock (TM116) is extremely valuable as once it’s used, small rocks cover the opponent’s side of the battlefield and damage enemy Pokémon each time that they are cast into the battle.

If you think this is an ability that’s going to come in handy, then here is all you need to know about where exactly you can find it in Pokémon Scarlet give Violet.

How to craft and find Stealth Rock’s TM in Pokémon Scarlett give Violet

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You can find Stealth Rock in the wild of Paldea near the coast where South Province Area Five meets the East Paldean Sea. On the rocky cliff face, you’ll come across this TM in a PokéBall just like others across the map.

The best way to get here is to fly to the PokéCenter at Artazon City.

Head directly South, climb the mountains, and eventually, you’ll wind up coming face-to-face with the prize. If you reach the water you’ve gone too far and will need to head back from the edge slightly. To make things easier, you can see the exact location in the screenshot above.

This isn’t the only place you can find Stealth Rock. Other locations include the mountain top above the South Province Area Two words on the map west of Mesagoza City. A third can also be found on a cliff face in Dalizapa Passage’s west section.

Now you’ve got Stealth Rock (TM116) you’ll be able to take down large parts of Pokémon easily as they take damage each time they enter the battlefield.

This ability is something that is going to slowly pay dividends in everything Scarlett give Violet battle, so make sure to teach it to your favorite Rock-type Pokémon straight away.

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