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Huntsville and Area Historical Society is holding a book fair Nov. 23

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The Huntsville and Area Historical Society (HAAS) invites everyone to its November 23 meeting. At this time of year, with holidays in the offing, this meeting is treated as a prelude to the season.

This year HAAS is holding a book fair called, “It Starts on Page 1”. Several Muskoka authors will be present, including Nancy Tapley, Patrick Boyer, Allen Markle, Marie Gage, Carol Newell, and others who will be there to present their works, read a selected passage, and offer books for purchase. HAAS is not expecting a commission from any sales.

Historical books such as Pictures of the Past give With Spirit and Resolve will also be available for purchase.

Any author interested in being part of the evening is invited to contact Tricia Markle at 705-789-7383 or by e-mail at [email protected]. The Society invites anyone with a special cookie recipe, to bring it and some samples for everyone’s enjoyment accompanied by warm cider.

The meeting will be held in the Friends Room at the Huntsville Public Library on Wednesday, November 23 at 7 pm

We may be a historical society, but we are also a good place to just meet and listen and talk, and maybe crunch a cookie. There is no charge for this event and everyone is welcome.

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