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I ordered my dream velvet bed online… what an error, it looks NOTHING like the photos

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IT’S NO secret that buying brand new furniture can be pretty pricey, so when you find something you love for a bargain price it would be silly not to snap it up.

But when one shopper did exactly that she was left baffled when her new bed finally arrived.


The bed looked nothing like she thought it wouldCredit: TikTok/@sofianasamira

Sofiana shared her purchase on her TikTok account @sofianasamira and it’s left viewers equally stumped.

She forked out £379 for a posh new double bed, which was on sale.

But what she actually received couldn’t have been more different for the fancy looking photos online.

The images showed a stylish tufted bed with huge headboard and large storage drawers – making it a complete bargain.

After assembling the bed Sofiana was understandably confused, since the bed looked nothing like the pictures.

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The huge headboard was a fraction of the size and looked so cheaply made, it clearly was a completely different bed to the one she thought she’d bought.

Not only that, but even the drawers seem so much smaller than the ones in the photos.

Viewers were amazed by how different the bed looked compared to the posh snaps online.

One said: “No way! Please tell me you got your money back?!”

It turned out loads of other people had similar experiences when buying a posh bed.

One person explained: “Omg this happened to me, I got the exact same bed! Was not happy when this turned up.”

A second said: “Same thing happened to us, it went straight back.”

Another joked: “That’s like ordering a Chanel bag and getting one off of Wish.”

The bed looked so posh online


The bed looked so posh onlineCredit: TikTok/@sofianasamira
The material was not the same as the photos online


The material was not the same as the photos onlineCredit: TikTok/@sofianasamira
Even the foot of the bed looked totally different


Even the foot of the bed looked totally differentCredit: TikTok/@sofianasamira

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