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I’m a female plumber – people tell me my job’s ‘gross’ but I get my sneaky revenge

ONE female plumber has flushed down crude comments with a bit of revenge.

Anna Pearson admitted she doesn’t take criticism lightly and instead seeks revenge on her haters’ toilets.


Female plumber Anna constantly gets hate for her jobCredit: TikTok
She revealed her usual revenge


She revealed her usual revengeCredit: TikTok

The sneaky plumber posted a video to reveal her immediate reaction when someone says something mean about her job.

Anna sets the scene where she usually receives hate: a party.

“We’re just vibing at a party,” she pretended.

Wearing a Star Wars T-shirt and choker necklace, Anna fake smiled at the camera.

The camera turned as she pretended to be a stranger approaching.

Her caption read: “Hey Anna, so, like, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m actually a plumbing apprentice,” Anna pretended to answer.

She made a disgusted look, mimicking her hater’s reaction.

“Ew… that’s gross,” the caption said.

Anna’s face turned to a blank stare before she answered.

“Will you just excuse me for one second?”

Her face moved out of the frame, and a toilet appeared.

Anna took the top of the toilet off.

The devious plumber fumbled with his parts.

She planned to break the toilet, and she did.

“Hey, I gotta head out. Thanks so much for having me, though,” Anna mouthed.

“And then they text me asking if I can come fix their toilet, and I say, ‘no, I’m too busy.'”

A fellow revenge lover commented: “Haha. Simple chaos. Love it.”

“Hell yeah. That’s called justice,” another supporter wrote.

One man related to Anna’s need to fight back.

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They said: “I’m a carpenter, I do the same thing, except I completely disassemble their framing.”

“Never insult a person of a trade. It’s skilled labor for a reason,” a passionate person demanded.

When Anna is criticized for her profession, she breaks the hater's toilet


When Anna is criticized for her profession, she breaks the hater’s toiletCredit: TikTok

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