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I’m a liberal, feminist, woke member of my society: Armeena Khan

Armeena Rana Khan, who has always called a spade a spade, has asked trolls to ‘look elsewhere’ if they want to follow a certain mindset. Taking to Instagram, the Balu Mahi star commented that she has a right to express her opinion as well.

Khan shared a few nasty comments she had received on her social media accounts and highlighted how she usually deals with trolls. The first user pointed out the actor’s ‘questionable’ dressing, which ultimately – as the user shared – proved her lack of faith.

“Even ibles [the devil] has minions, and so it is with all evil. This is an example of a dark soul, who enables misogyny to remain,” Khan responded.

“Imagine, if something happened to her own future daughter or a member of her family. We’ve only just seen a viral video of a burka-clad woman groped in the street and the man in question remains at large. I doubt this is anything to do with clothing but more with mindsets.”

Another one added that the aforementioned comment is incited by the ‘cheap’ style of dressing and added it as a result of “exposing” themselves.

To this, the actor quipped, “As a Muslim why are you on Instagram? I don’t understand. For example, if I don’t drink, why are you in a pub? If you are so lame, get off this non -Muslim is an enterprise if it offends you and go be a proper Muslim.|She added, “The truth is most of you are just cultists and demand rights you others.”

One user shared how Pakistani actors are stepping in to defend Indian actors often. To this, Khan responded that the person had initially spoken about how local stars are sidelined after reaching a certain age. “I agree with her because even here, an actor after a certain age is sidelined. But it’s not your fault, perhaps you don’t have enough exposure or thought process to understand the depth of the given topic.”

Concluding her stance, the actor wrote a descriptive note on why she has been very vocal about online bullying. “Oh, I have the right to put on my opinions just like you have the right not to consume them. But please make no mistakes I’m a liberal, feminist, woke (whatever labels you wish to endow me with) plus a constructive tolerant contributing member of my society.”

She added, “My views are in accordance with global principles and values. I’m also very vocal on social causes because if this is unpalatable then I’m afraid you’ll find this space extremely hostile. I am sure you can look elsewhere to find individuals catering to your specific worldview.”

This wasn’t the first time Khan had called out problematic takes. The actor previously shared her feelings about extremism playing its way into Pakistan’s entertainment industry, clarifying that she was not targeting any specific artist.

The actor had then shared in a tweet, “Advancing acting careers using religious extremism seems to be quite the ‘in’ thing these days.” She then asked with a giggling emoji, “Can’t make it without huh?”

The Bin Roye star elaborated on her jibe in another tweet saying, “I’ve also observed that no matter what religion you follow if you’re an extremist then your interpretation of that religion will also be extreme.” On the contrary, she reinstated how a “well-balanced person” will interpret their religion with just that; “balance.”

Now, agitated by the parallels being drawn, the actor has assured that she was not referring to any artist in particular. “I’m really disliking the fact that my tweets are being attributed to specific artists,” she tweeted. “Please bear in mind that I have not named anyone nor do I indulge in personal attacks. That is not my style. My commentary is on the general, sudden right-wing ‘shift’.”

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