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I’m a plumber – here’s how keeping your heating on all the time actually SAVES you money

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A PLUMBER has claimed that keeping your heating on for long periods of time could save you money.

Fraser Hoehle runs his own company and often shares his biggest hacks on TikTok where he has more than 100k followers.


Fraser Hoehle shares his biggest money saving hacks on TikTokCredit: TikTok

But one of the common misconceptions he’s noticed is how much energy people think it takes for some systems to both heat up then cool down.

Instead, he recommends some people could save money by keeping heating on at all times at a more cost effective temperature.

He said: “This is quite a big one that’s up for debate – how you should set your heating.

“A lot of people time their heating to come on at a certain temperature or time.

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“In my opinion the most cost effective way of heating my home is to set a target temperature between 17 and 19 degrees.

“When it drops below that by a degree or so, it’ll bump up and heat it up.

“But at that point the heating system is already warm so it’s using very little energy.

“If your heating is constantly kicking off it’s always cooling down and so it takes more energy to bring it back up to temperature.

“But you could have it at a nice comfortable temperature all the time.”

Can it save you money?

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t work for all home heating systems and may differ based on your boiler.

For example, if you have a modern heating system which only turns on when it’s most required, possibly if you live in a new building development.

In these types of buildings you will be able to set different temperatures at different times, with programming that allows you to set up your heating efficiently.

By using a timed boiler, in addition to radiator temperature controls you may be able to adopt the most energy-efficient method for your home.

You also need to make sure your home has double glazing, draft-proof doors and loft insulation.

Without these, you run the risk of burning money on bills to keep your home at a stable temperature.

If you’re unsure if this rule could apply to you, then it’s best to speak to a heating expert, like a boiler engineer or plumber who may be able to clarify the rule based on your homes set-up.

You could also, put it to a test if you have a smart meter by running your heating continuously for 24-hours at a time to see if it’s cheaper than turning it off entirely.

The Energy Saving Trust usually advises households to only run heating systems when they are needed.

Meanwhile, experts are urging Scots to learn how much their household appliances cost to run to help curb soaring bills.

Heating accounts for the lion’s share of most energy bills, but use of smaller appliances can see costs mount.

Dr Kirsten Jenkins, an Edinburgh University lecturer in energy, environment and society who sits on the Scottish Government’s new Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel, said: Most people don’t know how much energy their individual appliances use, like the washing machine and tumble dryer .

“For the vast majority it is an invisible cost.

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“I would strongly advocate for people to become careful, take more regular meter readings than before, and if they have smart meters to keep a track on what costs what and when.

“If they don’t have smart meters there are devices they can buy. Some things use more energy like tumble dryers.”

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