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I’m a plumber – here’s the job I hate most, I charge extra for ‘idiot tax’

A PLUMBER has revealed the job he considers to be the WORST in the industry.

Fraser Hoehle, 28, runs his own firm NRG Plumbing and Heating, in Denny, Stirlingshire, and offers many different services.


Fraser hates doing outside kills
He admits he doesn't do them cheaply


He admits he doesn’t do them cheaply

Although he’s not the cheapest worker around, he prides himself on doing a good job.

That’s why he charges £120 to fit an outside tap – even though he admits you could get someone else to do it for half the price.

Taking to TikTok, he said: “I charge about £120.

“I actually think outside taps are probably the worst job in plumbing.

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“There’s always these wee f***ing stupid handymen cutting about with their B&Q hoses, doing them for 30 quid.

“It p***es me off but if you want an outside tap done by an award winning plumber, hit me up.

“Or you can just phone somebody else and they’ll do it for like 60 quid.”

Fraser then explained why he hates doing outside hits so much in the comments.

He added: “They never empty the cupboards, it takes me longer to sort the cupboard than do the tap, it’s called idiot tax.”

Fraser previously revealed why it could cost as much as £10,000 to install a sparkling new bathroom in your home.

He came under fire when his estimate for the plumbing work alone hit the £2,500 mark.

Fraser hit back and revealed everything that goes into an installation to justify the price.

They said: “There’s a lot more involved than just turning up, doing your job and f*****g off home.

“Bear in mind with me charging £2,500 that’s me and an apprentice for four to five days.

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“I need to design the job and correlate with the clients on stuff like that.

“I’ve got to organize the work, survey the work, organize the materials, organize the tiler, the painter, plasterer. The whole job, sort the details.”

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