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I’ve never had a real job but I found an easy side hustle that makes me hundreds – now I get paid to shop

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A TIKTOKER revealed the side hustle that makes him hundreds, without needing a real job.

Stevie is a digital entrepreneur, TikToker, and hustler, who resells discount Walmart items for profit.


Stevie has over 526,000 followers on TikTokCredit: steviesells

He’s known as steviesells and is the go-to guy for making money.

Stevie has tons of videos testing different side hustles, reviewing products, and offering networking advice.

He recently posted on TikTok testing the midnight Walmart side hustle.

This is when customers head to the large retailer when it’s a bit less crowded.

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While he didn’t make tons of extra cash, just $80, he also didn’t need to put a ton of effort in.


The Tetra floating starter kit was originally priced at $21.58 but was on sale for just $13.38.

It’s a 1.5-gallon cube starter kit with LED lights, a filter, and an air pump.

He checked Amazon and found others selling the kit for a little over $36.

Stevie decided to sell it there as he would be able to score a $7 profit after all the fees.


Next, he found a Bowflex Kettlebell for $149.

The adjustable kettlebell provides six different weights in just one product.

The weight settings include eight, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 pounds.

He found that it was actually going for the same price on Amazon so not much of a profit.

Truck Bed Liner Kit

Under some lightbulbs, Stevie was able to find a Rust-Oleum Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner Kit on clearance for $70.31.

However, it’s going for much more on Amazon – $119.

Stevie said if it sells, he’ll make a 15% profit of around $18.

Food processor & coffee maker

A Kitchen-Aid food processor and a Nutribullet coffee maker were both sitting at the Walmart clearance section for $70.

But once again, it’s being sold on Amazon for a much higher price.

The processor was being sold for $95 while the coffee maker was $106.

Stevie listed it at the same prices online in hopes of seeing a $25 profit for both altogether.


As he wasn’t finding much luck, the hustler noticed an Instant Pot air fryer oven for $46.41.

A similar product was going for $140 on Amazon.

Since the box was broken, he took it to Facebook Marketplace instead of Amazon and was selling it for $100.

That’s a profit of $55.

Plus, a busted box means you could be able to get an even cheaper price when at check out.

The hustler was able to score a total of $80 in profit.

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