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Jim Chalmers invites Peter Dutton, who calls out a ‘stunt’

“The jobs summit is a talkfest where unions will demand more from this government, and they will get it. They will get it because the unions own this government,” he said.

“Millions of dollars donated to the Labor Party by unions like the CFMMEU means Anthony Albanese will always fall on the side of the union bosses over Australian businesses and Australian workers.”

Dr. Chalmers intends to invite about 100 people from the business, industry, the unions and the community sector.

In addition, the eight prime ministers and chief ministers will be invited, along with members of the crossbench.

The summit will be just the start of a long process to give the government policies to take to the next election. It will be followed by an employment white paper “to help shape the future of Australia’s labor market”.

This will be led by Treasury, “which will invite submissions and engage the wider community over the next 12 months”.

The summit will be preceded by an issues paper that will “establish the key challenges and questions that need to be discussed at the summit”.

Dr. Chalmers urged Mr. Dutton to take up the invitation.

“We are serious about bringing people together from right across the community to find common ground on the key economic challenges,” he said in a statement.

“There’s plenty of goodwill out there and a real appetite for co-operation. That spirit of co-operation can extend to the opposition if they are willing to accept it, and I hope they will.

“This is a working summit, not a soirée. We want participants to roll up their sleeves and bring fresh ideas to the table. The issues paper will outline some of the big challenges we want participants to get to work on, so they are ready to contribute.”

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