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Kingston Humane Society lowering fees for cat adoption to help people adopt

The Kingston Humane Society is caring for a record number of cats, and is hoping to find them a good home during the holidays by making adoption more affordable.

Its “Home for the Holidays” campaign will reduce adoption fees for the more than 90 cats it has right now ready for adoption.

The adult cat adoption fees have been reduced from $180 to $50, while fees for seniors and special need cats drop from $120 to $25.

Executive Director Gord Hunter says the goal is to make it more affordable for those who dream of owning a pet.

“If people are interested in and have been thinking about getting an animal in their home, now is a really good time,” Hunter says.

He says the high cost of living may be preventing some from considering taking in a pet.

“We’ve reduced the price to make it a little bit easier to get the animals into care because we also know veterinary care is also very expensive and just inflation in general has made life very expensive, so we want to make it easier if people have been considering it,” Hunter says.

Still, Hunter emphasizes that pets shouldn’t be given as holiday gifts, and that owning a pet is a long-term commitment. Those considering adopting should be prepared to go through the regular adoption application process.

The campaign will go on until at least January, “depending on the success,” says Hunter.

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