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Knitting and crocheting proved to be the ideal hobbies throughout the pandemic

Knitting and crocheting helps people be creative, productive and induces relaxation

When the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were introduced, we were challenged to find ways to entertain ourselves at home.

An activity that suits any place and almost any environment, proved to be the ideal hobby for the pandemic. While everything was uncertain, this activity proved a constant to those who enjoyed it.

“The few weeks leading to the first lockdown it was incredibly busy because everybody was worried that everything was going to shut down – people were panicking, so anybody who had a hobby like knitting or crocheting wanted to have lots on hand, knowing they were going be home,” said Chloe Rip, manager at True North Yarn Co. in Barrie.

Thankfully, they already had a fully operational online store, and Rip said they saw a surge in orders immediately. “We’ve received more orders than ever before, in these past few years, with handicrafts such a perfect fit to be at home,” she said.

Rip said this is a hobby that helps people be creative and stay productive, while also being relaxing, all elements that proved incredibly beneficial throughout the pandemic. Whether you were a beginner or seasoned knitter or crocheter, they were, and continue to be, ideal hobbies that everyone can do.

Social media makes knitting and crocheting accessible, creating a resurgence in popularity

Historically, knitting and crocheting was passed on from a senior member of the family to the younger generation. But today, Rip said there’s been a resurgence towards younger people being interested via social media and inspired by popular trends.

“Maybe nobody in their family knits, but they saw a Tiktok of somebody making a Harry Styles sweater, and they’re able to teach themselves how to make it just based off free tutorials on YouTube,” Rip said.

She also said there’s always new patterns being shared on Facebook and Pinterest, Tiktok and Instagram stories showcasing projects in progress and finished items, and a plethora of knitting podcasts becoming increasingly popular during the pandemic.

What you create is only limited by your imagination, whether you’re a novice or seasoned creator

Part of the allure of this hobby is that it’s available to anyone at any level, and the possibilities are endless of what you want to create – with so many patterns, yarns, fabrics, textures and colors at every price point.

“The potential is endless, you can buy a ball of yarn for $3.00 or go all the way up from there and do a huge project with the fanciest, finest, softest wool for hundreds of dollars, so it is a very approachable hobby that you can cater to any budget, and whatever you feel like creating,” Rip said.

Another appeal is the opportunity to make something completely custom

“You have so much control over it, whatever you choose to make, you can decide the thickness of fabric, style and fit and colour, you can make it exactly how you want it and throughout that process gain a deep appreciation and understanding of exactly what you want in a garment,” Rip said.

True North Yarn Co. has all the materials you need for any knitting or crochet project

True North Yarn Co. carries all the materials and yarn you need, including every weight and a broad range of fiber types, from cotton to acrylic, sheep, alpaca, even yak. They carry many brands from all over the world, including yarns from Canada’s oldest woolen mill Briggs and Little, and Drops Garnstudio, a European brand that has thousands of patterns offered free online.

“Every brand comes out with new patterns, yarns, and colors throughout the year, so there is always something to be inspired by, something different to try for the first time,” Rip said.

True North Yarn Co. is currently open with social distancing, safety, cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place. In-store classes are currently unavailable, but they’re planning to offer them again soon. Check out the class calendar on their website or Instagram for relaunch news. You can also contact them or visit their Facebook page for more information.

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