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Letter: Society needs a major attitude change

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The trick is to involve all levels of government at the same time, as well as all forms of media


The KTW article about the City of Kamloops receiving the UBCM’s Excellence in Sustainability Award for its Climate Action Plan was most interesting. Well done.

We have better sewage treatment than Victoria. We have a composting initiative. We have started adding more bike paths and traffic circles.

Here’s what we don’t have: no initiative to encourage citizens to buy electric vehicles, no bylaws to protect old growth trees on private and city-owned properties and no teeth in the no idling bylaw since there is zero enforcement.

Internal combustion vehicles still rule the city, as do developers. The latest proposal to require some basic infrastructure for electric chargers in new apartment complexes is written in such vague language that developers can easily do little or nothing.

The outgoing council can pretty much promise the moon, knowing there will be a new mayor and council after the Oct. 15 elections.

Climate change is not linear. It’s exponential. And anyone who thinks we still have several years to adapt is in denial.

We are fortunate that we live in a province where electricity is produced by hydro power and this provides us with alternative choices. This doesn’t come for free, though, since dams flood a huge area of ​​potential agricultural land, another rapidly diminishing resource.

Society needs a change in attitude. This can be done, as proven by the campaign to get people to stop smoking cigarettes.

The trick is to involve all levels of government at the same time, as well as all forms of media.

Heide Neighbor


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