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Local history society fundraiser back in play

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The Tulare County Museum is the largest museum in Tulare County. It houses one of the largest Native American basket collections in California, as well as artifacts of the pioneer era, agricultural equipment, restored buildings and many other treasures that tell the history of Tulare County. The newest addition to the Museum is the History of Farm Labor and Agriculture Museum, where several cultural groups and their contributions to farm labor and agriculture will be featured. The museum aims to educate residents of Tulare County as well as visitors on the importance of Tulare County and its history with the hope of recognizing the unique role it has played in California History. For those interested in more information about the Museum and its activities, they can visit the museum website and also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

The Tulare County Historical Society is a 501©3 non-profit organization, which means their organization was formed for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, and all donations made to the nonprofit are tax deductible. For additional information about the Tulare County Historical Society and its ongoing activities, visit their website and follow them on their Facebook and Instagram.

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