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Mansfield City Council delays making employment changes

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Proposed changes to the city’s certified building division and the community development division hit a snag at Tuesday night’s Mansfield City Council meeting.

Sharon May, the human resources director, and Marc Milliron, manager of building codes and permits, appeared by Zoom video to go over the proposed changes.

May called it a “reorganizing” needed because an employee left last year. The city could not fill the chief building official’s position.

“This is to address an immediate need,” May said. “It does not burn their existing budget.”

Milliron said the moves would create uniformity within the department by having employees undergo more training in other areas.

Zader, Davenport question proposed moves

Council members Stephanie Zader and Alomar Davenport questioned the proposed moves.

Zader contends the city’s two housing inspectors are already “overburdened.”

“It is the No. 1 complaint that I get from citizens,” she said of dilapidated houses.

Zader called the proposed moves “piecemeal.”

“We need to look at the whole picture,” she said. “Don’t put a Band-Aid on something that needs stitches.”

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