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Many categories available for creative crafts at the fair

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For many people, a big part of going to the fair is seeing the many exhibits. We invite you to be a part of the fair this year by displaying some of your achievements. Some of you don’t consider your project worthy to be judged; however, if you have things that you enjoy making, arranging, or decorating for your home, then you probably have things you could enter. Our reward is the joy of seeing our projects displayed and many times seeing a ribbon hanging on it or just to hear someone say, “This is so nice.”; “I would never have thought of that.”; “Boy, that took a lot of work.”; or “So simple, but I love it!”

Think about what you do in your spare time, then check out the Creative Crafts’ categories for the upcoming Washington Parish Fair. Some of the categories are painting (not painting as in fine arts, but less formal painting and objects we paint or decorate); glass art; patchwork items; basket making; yarn art; soap or candles; creating or decorating wooden items; pen and ink pictures; artificial flower or fruit arrangements; wreaths; wall hangings; recycling; beading work; jewelry; handmade dolls or animals; crafts using paper, rocks, shells, or pinecones; and Christmas items.

To complete this request for participation, let me just say, “If you have made, painted or decorated anything, we probably have a category for it.”

Participants will need to bring entries to the “Creative Crafts Building” (the pink buildings across from the Youth/4-H building). Entries will be accepted Sunday afternoon, October 16 (2:00-4:00) or Monday, October 17 (9:00-4:00). For a complete list of the Creative Crafts categories, go to the fair website at Scroll down the page to Fair Links and under Resources click on Catalog.

Also, this is the time to help your Washington Parish Free Fair by volunteering. Creative Crafts can use help Sunday afternoon and all day Monday and Tuesday. If you have questions about anything for Creative Crafts or if you would like to volunteer, please text Elaine Seals at 985-515-1963 or contact Hilaria Broadwater at 985-634-8688.

(Elaine Seals is the Co-Chairman of Creative Crafts along with Chairperson Hilaria Nelson Broadwater.)

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