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Maury Page: From Day Job to Creative Entrepreneur

The Michigan photographer turned his creative hobbies into a top-rated web design company serving clients across the United States.

Maury Page never planned on being an entrepreneur. The Michigan native began working at a hospital in 2008 but found a creative outlet through photography and web design. After about 10 years, these hobbies grew into a passion-fueled career with his company Mevo Creative Studios.

Mevo Creative Studios is the top-rated web design firm in Michigan with clients nationwide. Page uses custom photography, aerial videos, and a passion for minimal design to build stunning websites that help businesses stand out from their competition.

Mevo was a way for Page to turn his side hustle into a full-time career. His introduction into landscape photography happened when he started using an iPhone and Instagram to share his work.

“Once I got into photography, I knew I wanted to do it full time,” he said. “But photography alone wasn’t something I felt I could do to support myself and my family. I always wanted to figure out — what does it take to do your passion for your job?”

Page’s interest in web design came from building his own photography site, and he then found himself helping people build their social media presence with the knowledge he gained from utilizing Instagram as a portfolio. So, in late 2018, he combined these three things — photography, web design, and social media consulting — and launched Mevo.

Page takes photos for the websites, giving his clients a customized look and a competitive edge. It took 10 years, but he finally established a business serving clients while doing what he loves.

“When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work,” he said. “Now, I get to capture photos and build websites on a daily basis.”

Trusting Creativity to Fuel His Startup

It took Page time to trust that his creative instincts could sustain his entrepreneurial dreams. He often looked to the work of other photographers in Michigan to see how he compared but found that this negatively affected him and his work.

“Once you stop comparing your work to others around you, you’ll start to see the beauty in your own work,” he said.

After launching Mevo Creative Studios, Page sometimes found that full-time creative work would lead to a creative block. He uses two simple strategies to overcome this challenge and deliver for his clients: push through the block or take a break, get outside, and do something completely unrelated.

Because he relies on his creativity to develop a unique perspective for his clients and their customers, he often asks himself what unique angle he can add to make a scene or website more visually stimulating. By trusting his creative vision, Page develops stunning websites that get clients noticed.


Maury Page may have started as an Instagram photographer, but he used that creativity to launch his full-time web design business, Mevo Creative Studios. Follow his work on Instagram and Twitter @mopage19.

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