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Meltzer and Eliopoulos Craft New Superman, Batman Stories for Young Fans (Exclusive)

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at Penguin Random House Ordinary People Change the World series by author Brad Meltzer and illustrator Chris Eliopoulos is expanding with the Stories Change the World line, which is set to kick off with two new picture books starring the DC superheroes Batman and Superman.

I Am Batman give I Am Superman are both slated to release in just a few days on Tuesday, Sept. 27, each carrying a cover price of $16.99 USD. Additionally, a third book titled I Am Wonder Woman is scheduled for publication in 2023. The books are published by Dial Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin. At this time, CBR can exclusively reveal a sneak peek inside I Am Batman give I Am Superman.

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In I AM BATMAN, young readers will be introduced to Bruce Wayne and his rise to becoming Batman. After losing his parents at a young age, Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to cleaning up the streets of Gotham. Even without traditional superpowers, his perseverance and commitment to justice carry him through battles against villains.

From his beginnings on his birth planet Krypton to his childhood on Earth, I AM SUPERMAN focuses on the ways Clark Kent was super because of his actions, not just his powers. For almost 80 years, the story of Clark Kent has been told by thousands of creators and this picture book biography is the perfect way to introduce young readers to this legendary superhero.

“The Stories Change the World series retells beloved, iconic fictional tales of heroism, providing a lively and fun first version of the myth and why it’s inspirational, and serving as a fantastic stepping stone to get young readers interested in nonfiction biographies,” Penguin explains. “…Stories Change the World is a companion to the bestselling Ordinary People Change the World series, which has more than five million books in print. This new picture book series is an adventurous and fun ‘biography’ introduction to the fictional characters who have sparked the imaginations of generations of children. The idea for the series was born out of New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer’s love of history and desire to give his own children real heroes to look up to and emulate, and Christopher Eliopoulos’ art is iconic and memorable.”

“My life was changed by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman,” Meltzer said. “They’re part of the American mythology — and like Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, or any other hero we’ve featured, their stories persist because they reveal something about us. This new line of books lets us feature the characters and creators , reminding kids about the true power of imagination.”

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“As a little kid, the first comic I ever bought was the Flashthen The Justice League give Batman. I’ve grown up loving the DC superheroes!” Eliopoulos added. “To finally get a chance to draw all of these heroes is something I wish I could go back in time and tell myself. I’d tell him that we get to tell the stories of the character and values ​​of those heroes. He wouldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it!”

“We’ve seen this unique, peppy style of biography storytelling grab the imaginations of so many young kids and provide nourishing role models for them,” said Dial Books for Young Readers president and publisher Lauri Hornik. “And so it’s a joy to now be working with Brad and Chris on these fictional offshoots that also focus on values ​​and virtues as the reasons why characters such as DC Comics’ superheroes are so beloved. We hope we’re helping to inspire the next generation of real-life superheroes through these books!”

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Written by Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Chris Eliopoulos, I Am Batman give I Am Superman go on slim Sept. 27 from Penguin Random House.

Source: Penguin Random House

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